Coordinating teachers (Heads of Mission):

Miguel Ángel Queiruga Dios: Secondary teacher at the Jesús-María de Burgos school, in subjects of science, technology and mathematics. “Science has always attracted me, it has fascinated me and surprised me. I believe that scientific dissemination is very important and I encourage my students to dedicate some time and effort to their dissemination in each research project they carry out.”

Berta Maestro Santamaría: Teacher of English, history, geography and art in Secondary.

Isabel Gómez Ceballos: Teacher of English, history, geography and art in Secondary, too. Passionate about science and technology. With a lot of energy and desire to learn.

Mercedes Ruiz Saiz: School counselor He likes to see students involved in innovative projects.

Selçuk Arslan: Young teacher in Turkey. He has received many international awards in STEM teaching.

Students (Spaceship’s Crew):

  • Elena Aguilar Díaz-Pisón
  • Flavia Bacigalupe Silva
  • Alejandra López Martínez

We are 3rd Grade Secondary students. We like Physics, Chemistry, Technology and Information Technology. We enjoy learning and building things.

We like space and we are happy to manage this blog.

We look for ideas, new contents, we write them, upload them to the blog and the teacher supervises them.

We take care of collecting the projects made by our colleagues and upload them to the blog. It is a way of spreading them. We try to make the blog bilingual to reach as many people as possible.

We also take care of interviewing scientists and stakeholders when possible.

We thank our teacher, Miguel Angel, for this opportunity to learn and share.

Interviewing Rodrigo Alonso, responsible for teaching at the Museum of Human Evolution.
Other collaborators (Onboard Assistants):

Marta Fernández Agustín: old student. She presents herself as “a traveling designer, who still has a long way to go”. A great artist who helps us in the design work. With that quality, good work and good taste, you will soon have a lot of success: We are very grateful!

Manuel Alonso Sánchez: Retired teacher of the Leonardo Da Vinci Institute in Alicante. Passionate about the teaching of physics and space. Collaborator of Apollo 21.

Santy Lustres: Great artist and designer, which gives an original touch to this blog and this mission.

Astronauts in training

Elias, Esther, Rebeca, Julia, Eti, Patricia, Roberto, Carmen, Inés, Adrián B., Diego, Adrián G., Emilio, Alvar, Sandra, Claudia, Angela, Paula, Verónica, Jorge, Mar, Aitana, Andrés, Nirvana, Daniela, María, Belén, Sandra, Vitalii, Victoria, Carla, Inés, Carla, Rubén, Iván, Andrés