Benefiting from coding in the space science

We mentioned how we taught the space area career opportunities to the students in the previous blog. And today I wrote about how to integrate technology in space area works.

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In the last years, it is claimed that teaching coding is even more important than teaching foreign language. I think we can integrate coding and space areas which are very important two things for our students’ future according to me. As you know that, before high school the students are taught block based coding.

Block based coding is used both it is enjoyable for the students and to give the basis of coding. I gave information to six different classes about space science by using Kodu Game Lab and Minecraft Education Edition in my school.

The students design either the planets which are chosen as a theme or their dreamy planets and they transformed it a game. As playing the games that they made themselves, unawares they learnt a lot of things about science.

The results were really satisfying…

On the other hand in high schools, there aren’t many opportunities to use block based coding. We made some applications by using the students’ coding abilities. This time, I asked students to design educational software that give basic information about science. While they were doing it, they learnt a lot of things about science. In fact the idea that somebody else uses that software made them to do it impeccable.

So I think I gave them the information about space by using coding again.

If you can share your coding works with us, I will be very happy about it.

Selçuk Arslan,

European Astro Pi Challenge project – Mission Space Lab

Apolo XXI ha sido seleccionado para participar en el proyecto European Astro Pi Challenge – Mission Space Lab organizado por la Agencia Espacial Europea y la Fundación Raspberry Pi.

Ahora, tenemos que crear y escribir un programa para un experimento que se desarrollará en un Astro Pi a bordo de la Estación Espacial Internacional.

¡Nos hace mucha ilusión!

Más información acerca del proyecto Astro Pi.

Astro Pi. Credit ESA.

Apolo XXI has been selected to participate in the European Astro Pi Challenge project – Mission Space Lab organized by the European Space Agency and Raspberry Pi Fundation.

Now, we have to create and write a program for an experiment that will be run on an Astro Pi on board the International Space Station.

We are very excited!

More information about Astro Pi Project.