Space Awareness

Dear readers, I send you my best wishes.

I am the Turkish co-operator of Apollo 21 project, Selçuk Arslan.

I want to share you some information about the career opportunities of space area. Have a nice reading!

We are predicting that most of the known occupations won’t exist in near future. Because of that for the future we can count space as one of the popular working areas.

In the space week we made a study in the school. We presented the space area occupations to the students. There were many interesting occupations like Space Weather Scientists, Astrobiologist, Ground Segment Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Space Writers, Astronaut Costume Designers, and Space Educators. After we gave some information about these occupations we made a voting in the school. We asked the most interesting 3 occupations to the students.

We invited Ms. Arzu DONAT who is career specialist in space industry to introduce the occupations that were determined after the voting. She made a presentation about the occupations that the students found interesting. After the presentation, she answered the students’ questions. It was a different activity for the students who exhausted from the intense school subjects. We gave the name of “Space Girls” to this work. We chose that name because our school is a girls’ vocational school.

We send this project, which we carry out with our school’ internal resources, to Space Awareness Competition. This project won the runner-up price in the global category. “Excellent Space Science School” badge was send to our school. I hope this project will become an example for the other schools for the aim of to show the career opportunities of space area. As teachers we must prepare our students to the future and by doing that we mustn’t ignore new trends in life.